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Distance: 3.52 km
Pace: 5′30″ /hr
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 23′
Max Heart Rate: 171 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Assent: 65 m

14/18 = 78%

A wee bit too much dinner to carry around tonight. Same route as yesterday. Almost the same time of day. Nearly the same result. Steadier today.


Distance: 3.71 km
Pace: 5′52″ /hr
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 22′
Max Heart Rate: 177 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Assent: 193 ft

13/17 = 76%


Distance: 2.81 km
Pace: 5'19″ /hr
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 17′
Max Heart Rate: 166 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm
Assent: 131 ft

12/16 = 75%

Part of me thinks I should have run through the pain. Some of me is certain that the strength I felt today is proper pay back for a few days off.


Distance: 0.48 km
Pace: 4' 49″ /hr
Training Effect: Minor
Duration: 4′
Max Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 141 bpm
Assent: 9 ft

11/13 = 85%

Not really a run, doesn't meet the minimums. Too bad. Bad day. I'm done.


Distance: 2.02 km
Pace: 5′ 11″ /hr
Training Effect: Maintaining
Duration: 15′
Max Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 1440 bpm
Assent: 16 ft

10/12 = 83%

I am starting to feel the effects of daily running, both the welcomed and the unwelcome. On the welcomed side is the ease at getting out there. There is no question, "Will I run?" anymore. Also, I am feeling stronger. On the unwelcome side are the little aches, hips mostly, and the real dull pain in the backs of my calves, mainly the left. This is a little surprising since, in the past, it was my herniated right shin muscle that would wear the first dull effects of running.


Distance: 6.58 km
Pace: 5′ 25″ /hr
Training Effect: Overreaching
Duration: 40′
Max Heart Rate: 182 bpm (a new personal record)
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm
Assent: 423 ft

Made up for the previous two days of work and other distractions then some. Not in distance or average pace but in ft ascended and heart rate average. I knew I was pushing it but really wanted to push it. Feels good now and I expect it will still feel good tomorrow. How easy will that run be?

7/9 = 78%


Two days out. No runs. Long work hours and other legitimate distractions from running. Tomorrow is another day. A true weekend day. Yahoo. Long Run!

6/8 = 75% of my goal. Not the kind of passing grade I want.


Distance: 3.67 km
Pace: 5′ 43″ /hr
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 25′
Max Heart Rate: 165 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm
Assent: 88 ft

I had to carry a wonderful dinner and desert around with me tonight. We had a meal and wine at Olives then desert at The Loft. So I really had a few calories to burn. Success!

6/6 = 100%


The running today was sprinting around the soccer field at dusk with the puppy off the leash. Our papillon is such a joy to watch when we can let her off the leash. I wasn't wearing the heart rate monitor. I was certainly out of breath by the end of it. So was she. Sat right down in a small patch of dirt and panted.

Followed that with a long walk around town with Kerry.

5/5 = 100%


Distance: 3.66 km
Pace: 5′ 27″ /hr
Training Effect: Highly Improving
Duration: 25′
Max Heart Rate: 180 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Assent: 315 ft

A hill climb after a long work day yesterday, into bed after 1:30 am, and up at 5:30 am. Pushed it and felt good. 180 bmp is my current measured max heart rate. 173 bpm is standard calculation max heart rate for an semi-oldster like me.

A milestone, 250 km at 5' 06" /km.

Another place to see my running. DAYTUM

4/4 = 100%