Selection Problem

I'm finally reading Leo Babauta's The Power of Less. I have read, or have on the list to read, many productivity books. It is a fascination of mine.

The aspect of the problem that I am struggling most with right now is the selection problem.

Leo has been broadcasting a powerful message of simplicity for a while now. I bought his book the moment it was available based upon my experience with Leo's writing at Zen Habits. I discovered Zen Habits during an exploration of David Allen's Getting Things Done. That exploration had begun with Merlin Mann's 43 Folders. Before any of that I had drank the Franklin Covey Kool-Aid.

Each of these attempts to articulate productivity principles have had an impact. My own decision making is informed by aspects of each that have resonated with me. Still, today, one core problem remains for me. That problem is the selection problem.

Which of the many opportunities, tasks, projects, items, emails, websites, phone calls, interruptions and interactions will hold meaning for tomorrow? How does one decide?

Each of the systems gives some guidance on selection. The advice and recommendations in these expressions of possibility are not the issue. The issue lies within me. I have no idea how to rate and rank the possibilities right now.

It is perhaps because I am hard afloat within a personal period of transition. It feels almost as if I have no past. At least no past that doesn't consist of experience informing today. It feels as if I have almost any future. I stand at a fork. Yet, this fork is not the one I imagine when I read Robert Frost's words.

I do not see a choice between a well trodden road and another less travelled path. Not at all. I see uncountable possibilities. I see a Mandelbrot Set, fully developed, completely opaque to understanding meaning. I see so many of the possibilities of a universe full of quantum fluctuations.

Perhaps this isn't a selection problem at all. Perhaps this is an existential problem.


Over tired and lost, not accomplishing what I want, not accomplishing what I need. Difficulty thinking, planning, organizing. Over-extended, in work, family, social, spiritual and intellectual, shapeless and dull.

Command! Do not fall prey in this trap. Buck up.

Over tired, I move again toward sleep, in this, my favorite season.
Hoping to wake again, rested and ready, for the challenges before me, in work, family, social, spiritual and intellectual.

Now to dream of that wet smell, of decay, of natural process, of return, from fruitfulness, from production, to fruitfulness, to production, endless cycle.

Grateful Serentiy

bersyukur ketenangan
dankbar Gelassenheit
grata serenità
grateful serenity
Hvaležen Vedrini
kushukuru utulivu
reconnaissant la sérénité
serenidad agradecido
serenidade grata
serenidade grato
serenitat agraït
taknemmelig sindsro
vďačný pokoj
vděčný klid
wdzięczny spokój
zahvalan spokoj
ευγνώμων γαλήνη
Благодарен ведрина
вдячна спокій
Захвалан Спокој
признательна спокойствие
דאַנקבאַר קלאָרקייט
שלווה תודה
الصفاء بالامتنان
بی سر و صدایی حق شناس
감사 세레


I wake again
As I have so many days before
And settle into routine
Ever changing

Duties, pleasures, service and waste
Each has its place
Among the items of routine

I consider again
As I have so many days before
Refining the routine
Ever improving

Fitness, action, reflection and creation
Each has its place
In the imagined possibility


Here we are
Arrived at the last day of July
Now, all winding down to the end of the year
Another cycle complete
Arbitrary wandering of a being
Through time.


Project Forty Days

Series II: The Journaling Habit

What ==>
A daily journal entry. Everyday. Pen and paper. I'll be using an A4 size Moleskine cashier.
Why ==>
Journaling is reported to be cathartic. The habit of taking up pen and paper, recording thoughts, events, feelings, ideas, may be useful. We will see.
Really? I've already rewarded myself on the writing front. Hmm? No guilty feelings for what I have gotten but have not been using. That's the ticket. <== Reward
starting 2009-07-24
ending 2009-09-01

P40D.I Complete

I have completed the first "Project 30 Days" series. It feels good to get there. to have truly established the habit. Right now I am not worried if I miss a day. I know I will be out for another run.

I substituted a pair of Nike Free 3.0 for the Vibram 5 Fingers I had laid out as my carrot. I loved my two pair of the original Nike Free. I wore them running and urban walking until they fell off my feet. The Nike Free 3.0 do not disappoint. They are an improvement over the original.

Today's run was a track run in the new Frees. At near 5k race pace. Yummy.

On another great Nike note, I won a pair of the Nike Lunarglide+ in NIke's Lunarglide+ twitter campaign. It has been years since I won something like this. I look forward to letting you know how those shoes feel on the road.

Soon I'll come back here with a new P40D series. It won't be related to running I think. I'll continue posting running bits from time to time.

I've also updated the running kit page.


Distance: 5.3 + 0.37 km
Pace: 6'14" + 5′24″ /km
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 38′
Max Heart Rate: 166 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Ascent: 86 m

I am saying goodbye to the daily run now. Two reasons really. I've taken a few days off over the holiday and I've started a training plan toward running a half marathon at the Seattle Marathon this fall. The new plan has me running to target distances with occasional instructions to take a hilly route or to run intervals or make a tempo run. You'll see how I'm doing here.

Today's run came after too many days off. Legs felt like rubber. I picked a route that was mostly up hill, definitely hilly. I finished my distance when I was still quite a way from my starting point. Thus I added a short semi-sprint at hte end. It felt like a sprint but the pace shows me I was well worn by then.

All in all, it felt good to be running again.


Distance: 2.02 km
Pace: 5′ 11″ /hr
Training Effect: Maintaining
Duration: 15′
Max Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 1440 bpm
Assent: 16 ft

10/12 = 83%

I am starting to feel the effects of daily running, both the welcomed and the unwelcome. On the welcomed side is the ease at getting out there. There is no question, "Will I run?" anymore. Also, I am feeling stronger. On the unwelcome side are the little aches, hips mostly, and the real dull pain in the backs of my calves, mainly the left. This is a little surprising since, in the past, it was my herniated right shin muscle that would wear the first dull effects of running.