philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

A Fog

A fog lay over us all
for some few days now too
In and out the sound breathes
The day and the night
dressed in the mist

I wear it about me like a cloak

From here upon the hill's top
I can watch it waft in one window
and out the other

Joyously it is weather
Northwest style

Being the child of the times
from which I came
I look out upon the fog
and see visions of the moors
Quiet, and still, and unmoving
Forbidding nonetheless

Or in a more urban vein
with the sound of hoof on cobble
and the slap of leather rein
I see street and alley
Perhaps footman and attendant too
Gentleman in fine dress
out for evening sport
or liaison less respectable

But too
on American battlefield
I see soldiers line on line
cold and hunger still
yet facing each other
soon to add the burnt powder
from their shot and cannon flare
to the fog that lay all about

Or from high mountain spine
I look down on valley and dale
and watch the mist climb
never to reach me
sitting here in the sun
above it all for this small time

Not for me yet
are the memories of this fog
upon these streets
with no retreat
hungry and alone
unable to escape
with the street, my home
and my mind not my own

I wear it about me like a cloak

And so you see
what you can see
partially revealed
and partially concealed

through no intention of my own
but only the nature
of the weather
and the climate
in these times
in this place

upon these words
and the many more
that preceded
and that will follow

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