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Dopp Kit

A Dopp kit once was standard issue upon a boy's entrance into manhood.The word Dopp is a registered trade mark of a man’s toiletry kit. It was designed by Jerome Harris for his uncle Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant to Chicago in the early 1900s. So it’s presumably an abbreviated form of Mr Doppelt’s family name. The word became widely known during the Second World War when GIs were issued Dopp kits. The company was purchased by Samsonite in the early seventies.
And since I am defining it here, you might guess that this is an example of a corporation squandering what was once a valuable asset. From Google: Your search - "dopp kit" site:samsonite.com - did not match any documents. Or from Samsonite itself: Your search did not find any matches. Please broaden your search criteria and try again.