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The random banality of a personal life, what am I doing, who am I talking to post. You are forewarned.

I've been working hard this week to wrap up all the loose bits so that my trip to Chicago is stress free. I'm flying out, in a class for a week then hangin' with a real good bud and his girls. If there is something in Chicago that you think I ought to do then let me know.

Tuesday night I went down the street for a doppio and by chance met up with Lori, Bob and Susan. It was nice tossing down a few glasses of wine and telling stories.

Played 15 holes of golf Wednesday evening breaking my two week unplanned hiatus. Had fun but mostly the comradere is what is important.

Thursday evening I'll be at Firefly for pizza with Jerry V. I think my downstairs neighbor might come join us. If not I'll get a chance to sit down and exchange stories with her when I get back from Chicago.

I so LOVE living in the city again. What a fool am I for ever trying to compromise by living someplace else. The city is part of who I am. I am healthiest and whole here.

I am worried about my plants. I don't know anyone in the building well enough to impose upon them yet. I think Cherie at work would be happy to water them if I bring them to work. Lori offered but ... I don't know but.

I took a lunch time walk with a women who just creeps me out sometimes. I wonder why I say yes. What do I get from these walks? She is nice enough but lost in a way that I could never help her fix. So many women what to be fixed or think men want to fix them. While men are by nature fixers, I am out of that business. Perhaps that is it. These walks are my listening practice.

I asked a divorced with two kids, occasional golf buddy, female I work with to go catch a movie on the weekend when she didn't have the kids. We ended up not getting together for the film. A harmless offer from a friend I thought but I also think it has, at least temporarily, changed the nature of the relationship.

Enough of that, this personal sharing stuff. We will now return to our regularly scheduled posts of intellectual exploration of ideals and meaning, politics, bad art and even worst poems and prose.

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