philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

What I was saying a year ago

The following were from a blog entry on this day One year ago. I've added commentary.

next six months:
lose 20 lbs

I didn't make it. I lost 5 pounds and maintained that weight loss across the year. Funny I still have that goal with a deadline of April 30.
change jobs,
Nope. There is something that keeps me where I am and keeps me wanting out. I'll need to figure that out soon and resolve this bifurcated internal state.
pergo floors,
I got divorced. I have real wood floors now and the ex has her pergo. Yeah for everyone.
paint house,
Divorced removed this goal too. Now I have a paint the walls meme rollin 'round my hind brain.
have plan for moving back to the heart of the city,
I didn't need a plan. Divorce took care of that. What remains is how to remain here in the city.
improve golf handicap to 7,
Now that was a too bold hope. I shaved 7 from my index but am only half way to 7. The new goal this year is nine by August.
be happy,
Yep, I think the divorced helped with that.
enjoy friends.
I did this better this year and have a friend who asks the right questions that might lead me over the list of one-to-one relationships I have toward the more social groups I think I'd like to enjoy.

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