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Microsoft Losses Another Visual Studio Integration Partner

Thank you for evaluating Visual Perl, Visual Python, or Visual XSLT from

ActiveState has now announced the end of engineering support for all
three plug-ins, effective immediately.

The software will not be updated for Visual Studio 2005, and there will
be no further maintenance on the Visual Studio 2003- and 2002-
compatible versions. Due to the necessary inclusion of Visual Studio
integration code in Visual Perl, Visual Python, and Visual XSLT, the plug-
ins cannot be open-sourced.

Our decision to discontinue these products was driven by the
disproportionately large development effort required to keep them in
sync with Visual Studio. Despite an avid user base, customer demand
did not reach levels required to fund ongoing development.

We are committed to working with our customers to miminize any
inconvenience that may result from this decision. To that end,
ActiveState will:

a) at customer's request, replace each commercial plug-in license with a
license for Komodo Professional Edition, and each educational plug-in
license with a license for Komodo Personal Edition;

b) provide unlimited licenses for the current 2003/2002 plug-ins;

c) continue to host the installable software for Visual Studio 2003 and
2002, via FTP;

d) offer installation and configuration support through June 15, 2006; and

e) continue to host the visualperl-discuss, visualpython-discuss, and
visual-xslt-discuss mailing lists on ASPN.

Existing customers are encouraged to contact
for further details.


Shantel Shave

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