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Longevity, Survival and Short Term Goals

I have been at my current employer for eight years this spring, not all of that as an employee of the organization. After the first few years I 'kept on' by setting short term goals before me. I won't answer the question of why I was trying to 'keep on' with one employer in this post but would rather focus on the goal setting.

My goals looked like this:
  • The end of the project
  • The end of the project
  • When I'm vested
  • The end of the project
  • When we hire someone ready to take on my load
  • The end of the project
  • When I have qualified for this years professional bonus
That last was the last. The short term goals have come further between and been fewer. I cannot see the next one. This is my current prompt that it is time to move on rather than keep on. I tried to place another 'The end of the project' in recently. It just doesn't fit anymore.

I guess that is what I wanted to share. Thanks for listening.