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Banality of Life Report

I really enjoyed dinner with Jerry V.
Annie, from downstairs, had other plans so we missed each other and she missed us.

Jerry an I are both ENTP. He is a curmudgeon as always while I remain a cynical optimist (or an optimistic cynic I haven't decided which). We started the night with Mr/ Vs two dimensional time theory which I tried to soundly repudiate by defining time as something dimensionless and not at all associated with but firmly outside of however many dimensions your theory of space requires.

We wander the gambit of what an insatiably curious intuitive can handle after then, which is entirely too much for the mundanes in the house. The Norwegian descended gal visiting from Minnesota was fascinated and repelled both. We, having been through the fire, were happy to play along. Now her more native redheaded girlfriend...hmm?...redheads are juicy my experience proclaims to my soon to be divorced, currently legally separated animal brain.

Good wine, good company, good conversation, good habitat*, a walk after coffee and tiramisu with views of the city and the sound. Ah, again, I love my life.

*That my lurking friend is why it is okay for me. We actually discussed our openness to the psychic harm others may try to bring but that we ignore in our effort to remain open to the possibilities that being open to harm offer.

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