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Keep an Eye on the Enemy so as to defeat them

From the Desk of Ken Mehlman

Dear Mark,

One of our toughest races has already begun. Although November 7, 2006 may seem like a long time from now, it is crucial that we help Senator Rick Santorum's bid for re-election today.

I have just returned from my visit to Pennsylvania with President Bush in support of Senator Santorum. It was a successful trip and I want to thank you again for all you have done for Senator Santorum, President Bush, our Party and our nation over the last year.

But I also want to personally ask you to support Rick Santorum's reelection by making a donation today.

Senator Santorum has been an incredible ally to this President, serving as Bush-Cheney '04 Pennsylvania Chair, and has consistently delivered on important issues for our country.

Senator Santorum has helped the President pass historic tax cuts that have given money back to hardworking families and businesses, and created jobs in our country. He has helped ensure every child in America receives a quality education, and stood by the conservative values that our Party holds dear.

Now, as Rick Santorum continues to work with the President, he needs your support more than ever before. By making a donation today, you will make that possible.

I ask you to please make a donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 so that you can help ensure Senator Santorum has the resources he needs to continue defending our nation's principles.

This will be the most hotly contested race of the 2006 election. There is no doubt that, much like the President's reelection campaign, every dollar and every volunteer could very well make the difference in this race.

The Democrats and their liberal, special-interest allies have already promised that defeating Rick Santorum is their number one priority in 2006. There is no doubt that Senator Santorum's opponent will be as well funded as any Senate candidate around the country.

We will not be able to win without the resources your donation today helps make possible.

The U.S. Senate needs Rick Santorum fighting for conservative values and defending President Bush. And for us to win, Rick Santorum and I need the commitment you have continually shown in the past now more than ever.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee (RNC)

P.S. The Democrats have made clear that they will do anything to unseat Rick Santorum. They will inject millions and millions of dollars from outside, liberal groups to combat Rick Santorum's support of a common-sense agenda. The Bush campaign proved that your financial support, in addition to volunteer efforts at the campaign headquarters and endorsement at the ballot box make all the difference. Thank you.


Paid for by Santorum 2006
One Tower Bridge, Ste. 1440 | W. Conshohocken, PA 19428

Contributions or gifts to Santorum 2006 are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes

If you would like be be removed from future mailings, please click here to remove yourself. Thank you.
I don't want to be removed. I want to watch satan work clothed in the garments of godliness. Oh, beautiful liar that thou art.

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