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I'm sitting here listening to Ani DiFranco--who absolutely rocks alone on a stage in front of a stadium full of fan girls, impressed boys and hangers on too yet still she rolls with the other minds of other musicians as they compliment her brilliance while she compliments their's too.

And the peculiar thing for this straight man is that her bi-directional nature flows from the speakers and my mind embraces sentences like, "I'd love to lick you clean, to split you r legs and taste the juice 'til the juice don't flow." But that isn't the surprising bit for them that know me. Nope. While this woman makes her noise I think, "Give me your gash and feed me your bone." I'll call that infectious spirit.


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Jun. 25th, 2005 09:17 am (UTC)
I've been following Ani since I first saw her playing in a little room at Mt Holyoke College for an intimate group of 20 people. This was '91 or '92. I've stopped attending her concerts, I just can't take the crowds. Her lyrics move me -- I love her fem-rage and her empathy and her lyrical poems. And yes, her blatant woman-loving songs.

Her newest album is quite good. Have you picked it up yet?

If you like her stuff, especially her more folk-rock stuff, you might want to try Melissa Ferrick. Drive is a phenomenal, sexy song. And her concerts are still fairly intimate. I've never seen *anyone* with a stage-presence quite like Melissa Ferrick. She has such an incredible energy... and conservatory training as a musician. She pulls sounds out of a guitar that I didn't could be made...and she practically makes love to her guitar on stage.

Kelly from Blogspot
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