philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Minimizing words do not a minimizing impact make

I believe that the words we use are important. While I don't always accomplish it here, I try to consciously select the words I use.

We live in a time when the denotative meaning of words, or images for that mater, have no relationship to the mean of those who use them. Organic free range chicken are, for example, neither organic or free-range by any measure you or I would care to use. They are both organic and free-range within government regulator language even if the chicken never leaves a shed with 20,000 of its peers.

Still, that's not my point, my rave, today. Today I must rail against minimizing language. Saying a thing is simple does not make it so. Stop it!

That is all, move along, the crazy man is finished.


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