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Why I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow

(recent revision)

Why I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow

At my age
most the women
the animal mind finds
are too young
for more than
an hour or so
of brief adventure.

At my age
women have
children under feet
and ex-husbands

At my age
they have problems
like mine
that kept `em
on their own,
on the vine.

At my age
they are world weary
and shell shocked,
trying to take stock
while defending
what little
they have got.

But tomorrow,
tomorrow you will see.
They will start
to break free.
Find places to stand
in the sun
and the stars.
Their children
will be off
on their own,
a fond memory
of the path
that brought them here.

Tomorrow their issues
will succumb to therapy
and the world weariness
will fade
as they once again grab
onto moments of joy at hand.
They'll let go
of things they don't need
and baggage
they couldn't set down.

But tomorrow,
tomorrow you will see.
I can't wait until tomorrow.
When I do
as they will have done.
Free again to be me,
openly, joyously.
Not hardened by a world
I passed-through
but mellowed
by a world I lived in.