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How is that working for you?
Dr. Phil
Real change is disruptive and uncomfortable. Most of us try to remain comfortable. We avoid the disruptions in front of use by going out of our way. Thus we do not change and grow comfortable with what ever changed last time we missed our detour around the disruption.


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Jun. 26th, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
The interesting part is disruptive change in a business environment. As disruptive change happens, a small Luddite based movement is always in the process, as people resist and outright sabotage disruptive change because it is uncomfortable, and causes stress. However, the real ability is to recognize when disruptive change is happening, and choose to accept and champion or be a luddite about the process.

Companies that embrace disruptive change are more likely to survive that change and gain market share in the process than those companies who do not. For example, your employer accepted disruptive change and developed web portals early on to support their users, and to sell more product. My former employer did not until recently so your employer literally has years of a head start. While the other company is still struggling to deal with the ideas and processes.

There also has to be the ability to have strong leadership that is the champion of disruptive change, without the leadership leading the band, the smaller collations of employees that accept disruptive change stand little chance of influencing the organization out side of their pockets of informal communications.

Accept, adopt, adapt, use, or die.

Personally I like disruptive change in the work environment, shakes things up a bit and allows for the infusion of ideas and new blood to make things happen. I don't like disruptive change in my personal space, but have learned to accept it when necessary.

Thanks, good concepts, even if you had to use Dr. Phil. :-)

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