philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Vacation Report

I just got back from a holiday in Arizona. Wonderful.

I arrived in Arizona with the family after a full week of work. I had two and one half hours of sleep in the night before we flew. Immediately upon arrival I played golf with my father-in-law. Sleep is over rated.

My wife then gave me the gift of 24 hours at a renewal center run by the . What a marvelous gift. Time. Time to reflect. In silence. I could do a week or a month of that.

Renewed we went south into the desert. , our hippy band began preparing a bus for human habitation and set up the . That was the easy work. I also participated in fencing the 80 acres around our 'snake mountain'.

I really think good old fashion physically hard work is what a modern desk bound computer professional needs in vacation. That's what I got for a few hours each day. Jack-hammering rock and , sinking the corner posts and the fence posts, running the . There is still much work to be done. I'm a modern city-soft man and I couldn't work at it long enough each day for the four days we had there to complete the job.

We took the boys into to the museum and into the . It was my first look at . I'd been in but this is substantial and felt comfortable, at least it did where they took the tour. I'm sure there are unpleasant places underground in hard rock too. My family has time in the in Pennsylvania, once upon a time.

We finished up in Tucson with the pool, family conversations, and another round of golf. This time we took our game, or lack thereof, to . What a beautiful, demanding place. I had a ball.

All in all a wonderful vacation.


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