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I've begun a running program. It has been two years since the surgery on my right foot. [I'll still need the osteo-arthritis on my left worked on some day] I've been walking lots, using the elliptical and strength training. I still need to do more stretching. Still, here are some of the tools that are making the new program interesting.

iPod. Nike+ iPod. PodRunner podcast, and

So I had a short term goal of two miles at eight minutes per mile. I hit that day one no problem. However, over the next two days I knew that core strength wasn't what it should be.  I had expected some leg muscle pain. After all, the open road isn't an elliptical trainer. I had none of that. In its place I had pain at all the places my torso attaches to my legs.

Great to be moving in the open air again. And to think, I used to be a real runner. Will be again soon too.

Time and effort.


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