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At some point, with way too much pain and blood on the ground, we will decide to solve the real problem: the pervasiveness of anonymity.

Security: The great privacy compromise | InfoWorld | News | August 20, 2007 | By Roger A. Grimes

Anonymity. What does it mean? When do we have it? Can it be sustained in a ever more interconnected world?

When I walked down a street in my small home town I wasn't anonymous. When I walk down a street in the modern large city inhabit now I am relatively anonymous. When I call you from a pre-paid cell phone I am relatively anonymous. When I called from a land-line to my house I was far less so, especially after the advent of Caller ID. When I* write to you here...I'll let you decide how anonymous that is.

Still, I am not writing here to solve an issue or to convince you to solve an issue. The EFF has already had more to say about anonymity of better quality the I can produce right now. Heck, I have recommended to others, from time to time, that they should live their lives as though everything they did was televised. There is not any anonymity in that.

* I am not even ready to start on Identity here.