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Incredible (for me) Drive

For weeks I’ve been saying I need to change the adjustable weights on my driver. They were setup for a slight fade. I like to have a reliable fade off the driver when I need it. The weighting helped when my tendency was for missed shots to hook.

The problem for the last few weeks was that I remembered I wanted to change the weighting the second time I used the club, on the course, during the round. Yesterday I remembered before the first tee. I set the club for high launch neutral. Whap!

I was hitting ‘em high and long. The real test was on the fifth and the sixth. The fifth calls for a draw, which I got for more than 300 yards up hill with a favorable light wind. The sixth calls for that fade, which I nailed against a light wind for more than 300 yards.

The eight was the kicker. The longer I hit it the straighter I have to be. I hit a high towering rope to the middle of the fairway more than 350 yards out. I half wedge and a putt and the hole was done.