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I went to the shore with the family this weekend. We stayed at the Sou'wester and enjoyed the hospitality of Len and Miriam. The kite festival was underway. The Grand Nationals will be just up the shoreline in October. The whole family bicycled along the Discovery Trail. While riding on the trail Sunday we watched the rescue of a family from an undertow. Despite warnings at every official beach entrance, a few get caught in one and don't know how to respond every year. I would have liked to had more time (wouldn't we all) to spend exploring Cape Disappointment. I did take a short wander about the North Head lighthouse while we were in the area.


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Aug. 28th, 2007 01:36 am (UTC)
I will travel to the Long Beach, WA area again soon. I have many people to visit and much to do there. I miss the beach and the people I know who live there.

I am glad the family caught in the undertow got rescued. I wish more people would know that no one can fight the undertow, not matter how young or strong.
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