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Quote of the Week

I like this one because I feel it right now.

I need your help. Right now I'm in career jail, which means I have a strong financial and career incentive to find another opportunity in another company. I really don't want to do this - I like working here. What can we do so I can go on to my next opportunity here instead of someplace else?

I have been the employee that fills a gap. It comes from advice my paternal grandfather gave to me as a young man. He said, "Bring an employer something he needs and doesn't have and you will always be employed." This, from a man who lived through the Great Depression.

So what do I do? I fill gaps. I discover/create a way to do what isn't being done, or isn't being done well. Then I train someone else to do it on an ongoing basis.

I haven't made that work recently. It is time to step outside myself and discover/create  a new solution. I don't want to be the "Involuntarily Irreplaceable" employee.


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