philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Blog Action Day

This is blog action day.

We live in it.
We play in it.
Our food grows in it.
We do not understand it.
We may have been charged with its care.
But we do not understand what that means.
We name it.
We use it.
We abuse it.
We change it.
It changes us.
We go hike.
We watch it lap against the lake shore.
We watch it roar against the sea side rock.
We watch it eat itself.
We benefit from the breath of it.
That in and out respiration of it.
It shines down on us.
It filters and is filtered by clouds.
We cannot restore it.
We only mock it when we do.
We cannot preserve it.
We have already indelibly put our mark on it.
We are not separate from it.
We are part of it and in it both.
We are made from it.
We make from it all the things we need,
we think we need,
we know we do not need but wish to have,
and much we do not wish to have as well.
We are hungry for it.
We appreciate it.
We don't even notice it.


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