philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

The Stone of the Sword

Another selection from the exercises at WOTS.


“Everyone is always talking about the sword. That arrogant prick. Or they talk about the king. Ha! Both of them are gone now. I’m still here though. I’m still doing what stones are meant to do.

“Sure I’m a bit more worn than I was then. Wearing away, bit by bit, that’s a big part of being a stone.

“You do know, the damage done by that wizard didn’t help either. When he jabbed that sword into me he caused the fissure that became this deep gouge. Now, all these centuries later it has me nearly cleaved in two.

“Oh, but I don’t mind really. There are many more bits of me out there making their way in the wider world. That’s as it should be. I was begun, after all, when I broke free from a mountain far from here.

“I’m wider traveled than that sword ever was. Sure, he is in all those stories that came after the short scene I was in, the stories of kings and wars and wizards. But me, I’ve traveled from ocean floor to mountain top and back again before the events you mentioned ever came to pass.

“Still, all the people who come here ever talk about is that damn sword. They ooh and aah while they gaze upon me. They can’t gaze upon the boy or the sword. They can’t see the king the boy would become with the sword in battle. They can’t even see the bones of the king or the rust of the sword.

“All gone. Just me now.

“My name was there in the title, sure. There is that. And yes, you are here listening now.

The stone is not unmoving,

such a long way it came,

to rest here,

at my feet.


“Those are nice words. Nice as far as they go. But, I didn’t come here to rest at your feet.

“You have come to gaze upon me and you will be gone just as the king and sword are gone.


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