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Goals Report

I had announced a weight goal of 203 lb by 11/07. I am currently at 207 lb. Down from 215 at the start of the journey. I may make it. I have thinned up and, mainly do to running nearly everyday, I am firming up well. I have added more upper body strength work recently. Next will be a more focused change to me eating habits. They have changed but they have changed without conscious plan.

My shoe:

My iPod, actually I have the previous model:

How I record and monitor my runs:

Where I carry my iPod:

Where I carry the receiver when I'm not in Nike+ shoes:

And, being a western male, a human, and so, desirous of things and more things too: Nike Amp+ see the picture below. The picture has the same model iPod Nano as I use and is a link to a review.