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The New York Times Home Delivery - Report a Problem - Thank You

I have been enjoying having the physical paper, the New York Times daily. It is a nice change of pace from the online news reading of the proceeding months and years. There is something pleasurable in having the paper in my hands. The new slightly smaller size is nice too.

I used to subscribe many years ago. The paper was always outside my door when I awoke. Not so this time out. I am up waiting for my paper. I am a little disappointed. Delivery is "guaranteed" by 6:30. Which is not a guarantee at all. It is the time before which a complaint  falls upon deaf ears.

I have met the deliverer. We exchanged a few kind words one morning as we met on my stoop during which I shared that early delivery is better for me. I am at the end of her 300 paper run as she routes her delivery today. For a bit she swung in here early and it was ready as I liked.

Still, I am resolved to report every after 6:30 delivery. The quiet morning is the time I have available and a paper delivered even that late is a paper much less likely to be read. Here is an quote from the web page I receive after reporting late or missed delivery. I wonder what shape "committed to avoiding" takes. The web page leaves that mater opaque.

Thanks for Letting Us Know

Thank you for notifying us about your delivery problem. We will credit your account accordingly. We regret any inconvenience you may have experienced, and are committed to avoiding any future disruptions to your delivery service.


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