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I find myself fascinated and disturbed by events far from my home. In part it is my countries involvement in the Pakistan and region. In part it lies in the unique history of Pakistan and my awareness, for some undefined reason, of that history. In part it is the interplay of authority and uprising.

I have been studying, in a dilettante's way, revolution and terrorism at one extreme along with popular resistance and democratic election on another since high school.

If you are interested in Pakistan and what is happening there I offer the following:

You can browse the news about Pakistan at my favorite, The New York Times or the also useful, Google News Search. You can read, and even edit, the encyclopedia entry at Wikipedia. You can see what Pakistan is telling the English speaking world about itself at the official government site.

Here is just a taste of the news:

In pushing for the deal that took Benazir Bhutto back to Pakistan, the Bush administration hoped to build a broader base of support that might help Gen. Pervez Musharraf stay in power. But General Musharrafs sweeping crackdown over the last week has raised questions about that strategy, not least when he sent thousands of police officers on Friday morning to prevent Ms. Bhutto from leading a protest rally against his imposition of de facto martial law.

U.S. Strategy for Pakistan Looks More Fragile - New York Times


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