philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

I Didn't Even Get to The Wall

This morning I was listening to Open Court’s Pop Philosophy! podcast, the "Introduction" to Pink Floyd and Philosophy: Careful with with that Axiom, Eugene!. This had me reminiscing about my own experience of Pink Floyd. From the opening words, I felt a renewed connection to a time and space, to people I had never met.

My own introduction to Pink Floyd came in 1981 with Meddle and Ummagumma. I was a very young soldier on my first adventures away from my home. I had an awareness of the concert phenomenon and the sounds that came after these albums, that was going on even as I listened to these older recordings. Yet, I did not follow Pink Floyd from Meddle to their continually evolving sound easily. I went to the Dark Side of the Moon, I tore down The Wall, but I did not do it at the same time as the culture around me. I followed much more slowly. I dismissed the 'commercial' comeback album. I did not follow there. My walk behind Pink Floyd was over.

It was in 2006 that I discovered Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett sound. Still, it is our nature to attach to that with which we first have pleasant encounters. So, for me, Meddle and Ummagumma are Pink Floyd, frozen in time and space, music to listen to carefully, with full attention. This is not that participatory music of the concert 'scene' that Roger Waters reacted to with The Wall.

I wish I had a point to make with this piece. I do not. Such is the nature or, at least this, reminiscence.


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