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Something I heard recently.

"We are infatuated with an exciting level of complexity."

I find all the world to be sufficiently complex to be both exciting and beyond understanding. I simply cannot hold it all in my head. I do not believe I am alone in that.

The inhabitants and visitors to Academia divide the world into observable, testable, segments. The inhabitants and visitors to Enterprise find the landscape divided and ruled by popes, emperors, kings, dukes, barons, and sergeants too.

It seems in order to navigate in a sea of complexity the teams assembled to act within a segment must operate smoothly, the coordination between the teams and segments must be done well and somewhere leadership must direct all the things that need direction.

If we operate well, coordinate well and lead well then the sea of complexity may be dangerous but the danger can be survived. If however any part suffers sufficient damage or sufficient neglect then all hope of surviving any significant voyage is lost.

What journey are you on? What is your role in the successful outcome?


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