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Overdue to spew into this well, this public venue, this home for some of the rejected content from my mind. Overdue to grant you a view, into the places, the nooks and cranies, this philosopher serf explores, from time to time. Overdue yesterday. Overdue today. For the moment this activity rests below the line between desire to do and truly willing to do, when a moment makes itself available. So with that mental niggle exposed, I drop these words, in this place, poor substitute for the content my mind would drop here given more time and more energy and more of that something else I have not yet identified.

  • Moved

    I have moved to WordPress at

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    I'm finally reading Leo Babauta's The Power of Less. I have read, or have on the list to read, many productivity books. It is a fascination of…

  • Down

    Over tired and lost, not accomplishing what I want, not accomplishing what I need. Difficulty thinking, planning, organizing. Over-extended, in work,…

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