philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

140 Characters or Less in March

Mar 31

Gentle morning, slowly crawling out from nocturnal rest, I see the sky lighten, the birds begin their song, and then their dance, and I am

Mar 30

In between, a place, yet not, transition from where I have been to where I will be, yet all its own, give it reverence.

Mar 26

Story ideas assault me, as I drive from home to work, ones that will not let go, perhaps until I give them form, others new.

Mar 25

This forum, “The Internet”, “Interweb”, world-wide web, remains a great forum for the exchange of drivel and vitriol. So it is. So it is.

Mar 24

From the bustle of the weekend to the bustle of the week, false division, real division, made by ourselves as we divide ourselves, survival.

Mar 23

Soft, warms tones, gentle sounds from the garden, I sit. In, out, natural repetition, the carrier wave of being.

Mar 20

Many of the applications I rely upon daily are, when I think about them in an abstract manner, really little more than single purpose DB UI.

Small pains, here, there, and there too, the result of good work, done fully, body used as it has been used by so many for so long, satisfy.

Mar 19

Open, mood steady, neither high nor low, I rest a moment, and I wonder, what should I be doing next, this moment, the moment about to come.

Mar 17

So many thoughts swirl around, climbing in and out of the nooks and crannies of my mind, not available now, as I look at a blank line.

Mar 16

While a writer may not be interesting, the fruit of the author’s mind, the words, sentences, paragraphs and/or lines, must be interesting.

Mar 14

I am a thinker, sitting, mind casting about, where ever it wishes to go, the natural base state of a resting brain.

Into the evening. Never getting it all done. My idea of what I can do still larger than what I am doing. Now I rest.

Mar 07

You’ve got mail. Made famous by AOL and a movie with that name. Created in a time when email was sparse and we were glad to get it. Overrun!

Over tired still, I reflect upon nothing, unable to return from the land of nod. Another road to mindfulness?

Long work day began with perfect parking, a journey across the changing culture, some monkeys still trying to keep others from the bananas.

Mar 04

Day, nearly complete, I do some push-ups, then with heart and breathing taxed a little, I climb into bed, soon to sleep.

Mar 03

New morning, wind chimes singing, light rain falling, gusts occasionally driving it against the pane, I feel the good hard work of a weekend

Mar 01

Easy morning, rested, relaxed, I prepare for small tasks, steps forward, one foot before the other, on this journey of decades, and of feet.

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