philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Endings, Beginnings, and the Space Between Them

I used to be a professional at floating in the ambiguity, the phase space; I was the a very happy cat inside an unopened Schrödinger's box. Change was the standard from early in my life, as a toddler, a young child, a teen, a young adult, early middle age, in all these all was change. It is what I knew and all I knew.

Because all was change, I was comfortable in the seemingly unsafe place I called in-between. That space some others call the present moment.

I now find myself there again with a new experience of it. Having somehow been in a place, at least as framed in my reference over the last few years. I am now in-between.

I have not completed an ending; I have not yet started; I may not even be in-between. So, it was all illusion. I am still where I have always been; alive on earth at this time, with those who are here near me.

It is delicious. It is scary. It is different. It is familiar. It is home.

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