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Notes from a Presentation by the Author of "Out of Thin Air" at the Seattle Audubon

I had an opportunity to get out of the house and into the world. The REI Flagship Seattle was hosting the monthly meeting of the Seattle Audubon there the author and paleontologist Peter Ward presented on his new book Out of Thin Air.

Here are my notes, such as they are, from the presentation.

when atmo oxy low
dino w/air sac respire
can rule (small)
as atmo oxy climbs
size can climb
all about respo efficiency

with atmo oxy low
land animals return to sea

role of egg
bird/dino vs lizard

interplay of oxy, temp and water
altitude equivalents of atmo oxy

at atmo oxy 33 burning never stops
at atmo oxy 11 nothing burns

why coal
world swamp
no roots
dead fall
never rot

dino relation to bird getting clearer

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