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<=140 in April

Awake, I go to sleep. Asleep, I wake. Awake, I go to sleep. Asleep, I wake. Awake, I go to sleep. Asleep, I wake. Awake, I go to sleep……

Weather, has all the marks of spring, now raining, now not, now clearing, now raining again, cycle within cycle, within cycle, within cycle.

Sunny morning, energy abounds from near cloudless sky, in the yard the small tasks are under attack, their defeat assured.

Shoulders blades, once pulled forward, in the modern office workers’ shrug, are now falling, back onto the flat of my back, strange upright.

Steeled against their own emotions, they marched out upon the field, all would return on that day, resolve clear, the battle delayed.

Active, twisting, bending, all effort and relaxation, listening to air, moving in and out, twisting, bending, full strength, release.

Sunshine, ever returning, ever receding, rests for a time, brightly in the sky. While it does, it feeds us, and the plants around us too.

Lazy Sunday morning, not doing, what ought be done, but rather, what is before me, to distract, delay, avoid, no, not that, to rest, relax.

April snow, lightly dusts, with heavy wetness, the healthy green lawn, and spring bulb flowers in bloom.

Being free, we fully express. What we are, what we observe? These and so much more from the depth of our being. Being confined, not so much.

Education, never ceases, scholar vs scientist, learning vs research, and speculation too, all beside blind acceptance.

I, who so often can find my breath, now find, a racing mind, where once there was, just, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in…

At a volunteer dinner, I see how many are ‘public safety’ volunteers. Weren’t Hitler’s brown coats public safety volunteers too?

Barefoot feet in soft warm grass in mind, if not body. And I in a cold day with wee soft drizzle to accompany all the drivel. Peace out.

I think that those that supported Bush are in denial, not being able to accept their own responsibility for what Bush has done in our name.

Leaving open the possibilities by delaying decision, moving now on a good idea, knowing when to do one or the other, wisdom.

The weekend gone, the rain begins again. Strange. This reversal of the natural order of mans’ unnatural cycles.

Green Festival, and my wife, well aware of my proclivities, points out, that I am standing in hippy girl heaven. Engaging smile, real human.

Sunshine and heat, cloudy cold, green festival, taxes, these are some of the things of life, of a weekend, and so much more, beyond words.

Crisp, bright morning; Walk and nod, hello; A small service for a freind; The reflected light on the sound and mountains; Snow crisp; There.

Fresh air and sunshine, novel experience for the modern office worker, 7 to 7, lunch at a desk, human contact in useless meetings. Breath.

Sunshine, having returned to this land, of gray days in winter, the community wakes up, and greets itself, on the streets, and in the shops.

As my day winds down, I realize, body tired, mind tired, lacking focus, I haven’t eaten all day. Sorry cells and systems.

another evening shared with good people, such is the definition of a good life

Sunshine and rain, quiet and noise, movement and stillness, all these are within my experience of this day, and so much more without words.

Renewed, a shoulder and chest workout complete, along with a meditative, body awareness session on the elliptical, I take to the new day.

Having tasted fear and doubt, I step past these, into this moment, with an easy eye to the next

chest tight, stomach a rile, I contemplate tomorrow

Late night, movie hasn’t ended, but vacation soon will, what’s next, I don’t know, I am not prepared, still, whenever are we?

Another wonderful morning, vacation drawing close to complete, I find I ache, the pain of an office worker, set free for these few days.

Wonderful day, activity and relaxation, service, naps and light action, awareness, reading, watching, doing, sharing, and it still goes on.

Subimo Canyon, road washed away, we hike, where little men and older women can walk, enjoying the outdoors, later to greater challenge.

Red like a lobster, touched by the sun, after hours tossing our boys ‘round the pool, a walk on the green/brown desert golf grass and more.

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