philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

140 Characters or Less in May

4 lines, 20 words, another short-short form, such generous space within which to express: image, vision, emotion, play.

Small seeds, placed in ready soil, kept damp, break the soil, shoving it with forces, unimagined.

A sound, that hasn’t escaped my skull, is no sound at all.

Sod stripped, raised beds laid, seed sown, starters planted, flowers surround, so the garden takes shape, over extended weekend.

Distress, from internal causes, with external triggers, ride along beside, joy at external triggers, with internal causes.

These items done, I stand ready for those items, always items waiting, the balance between doing, being and seeing, delicate balance.

It is time to create MUOPS, The Modern and Unilluminated Order of Philosopher Serfs

What frame shall I build that will provide the structure upon which I can build a full, whole, life? Which parts need be stiff, firmly

planted? Which should bend and sway? Which should float free? Within which are the spaces that serve a complete and infinite self?

New priorities steal from ones underway, making both less likely to succeed. Make a choice. We rarely recognize our place as thieves.

The land is twisted, folded, cut, tilted and buckled. We make it flat, or as flat as we can, our hips and shoulders prefer is that way.

Sun shining, Monday’s usual face, after wet, blustery, yet wonderful weekend. We are now embarked upon a week. False, man-made division.

Joined in a global world, without jet set imaginings, of a younger day, or the great explorer image of yet an earlier time. We are still.

There are things that take time, yet we have no space for time taken, all is now or yesterday, tomorrow screamin for attention.

Sunny morning, a few dozen birds of all sizes, eat from the bounty we provide, today, even a duck, visits, then, a hawk, swoops, quiet now.

Gathering, at that midpoint between solstice and equinox, we celebrate each other, our voices, expressing ourselves, to each other.

Picked proded and examined, and in turn, explored and considered, feeling hopeful of a fit, yet unsure, is this the next one?

On the water, invigorated, current arush and aswirl, we eddy turn, we ferry, we drift, we fall and we recover, harbor seal, loon and eagle.

Invigorated, energized, rolling on through each new day, busier, happier, this too will change, all is, and ever will be.

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