philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

<=140 in June

It seems I was a quiet www inhabitant during June.

Sunny days spent near home, hands in garden soil, flowers cut, veggies weeded and sampled. This is a fine day well spent.

mechanical awareness, body awareness, pleasure, playfulness, analysis, preparation, stir, repeat, stir, repeat, finish.

Here we are, waiting together, while great-grandmother, makes her way, from this place, to the next.

So much to express, always flitting about the brainpan, our natural resting state, science tells us, yet, the desire to express, is real.

A quiet yet busy mind, finds itself not seeking expression, so silence reigns, here.

Every generation hands a stinking pile of crap to the generation that follows it. Every generation is certain the next is crap itself.

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