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Shoegaze, ambient, downtempo, these are all words that describe some aspect of the sound that is entering my skull right now. I’m tuning my ‘Leisure Radio’ station at Pandora. Bands recently featured there are Lemon Jelly with a ‘Tune for Jack’ from and Ulrich Schnauss’ ‘Monday – Paracetamol’ from A Strangely Isolated Place and also ‘D Song’ by Bonobo from Dial “M” for Monkey.

I like the electronic, laidback sounds; ambiguous lyrics; the interesting guitar first the gently caress. Now, as I type these words, I am grooving to the breathy sound of ‘Destiny’ from Simple Things by Zero 7. I was able to see them in Seattle a few years ago when they played at the Moore Theater.

The Moore is a great venue for music as long as you are on the main floor. Don’t even bother to see the show if your only seat choice is nose bleed in the rafters of the upper balcony. Few music acts could make that space useful. Still, the seats get sold.

I remember stumbling onto Zero 7 around the same time that I discovered San Francisco’s Supreme Beings of Leisure. I fell for the name of the group before I had heard their music. They have a new album out, 11i.

Who else might you encounter as ‘Leisure Radio’ gets tuned? Well, Kruder and Dorfmeister will certainly be there in many of the different guises they wear including Tosca and Peace Orchestra. You will certainly encounter Rob Garza and Eric Hilton as Thievery Corporation. Give it a listen if you’ve got a few moments to relax with.

After that, give Pandora a go. Let the intelligence encoded in the Music Genome Project lead you to music you love in ways that ancient beast, corporate FM radio, never could and never will. And ‘Don’t Forget to Breathe’ Bitter:Sweet tells us on The Mating Game with a constantly shifting beat.


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