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State Park Recon

It was a boys only camping trip in a fit for Amie location. We, who would rough it, sat in luxury in a cabin at Kitsap Memorial State Park. The park was just the right size for letting ours boys run wild, loosening the leashes just as Papa and I were off ours.

After two days of least feasible supervision, of kid made volley/soccer/ball, of getting stuck under the stairs by the tide, of scaling impregnable cliffs of dusty dirt and tree roots exposed by wind, rain and surf, of late night Uno and (luxury or luxuries) Pizza Pocket dinners, we venture out to explore the other state parks around this side of the Hood Canal.

Scenic Beach State Park, near Seabeck was much the size of Kitsap Memorial with more beach, more trees and more varied terrain. Belfair State Park was larger, flatter, and, on the day we visited, windy enough to gift us with the show of kite surfers.

Of course any excursion out of a camp ground means ice cream and some ice cream was consumed by all on three of our four days away. Fancy that, roughing it, way.

On our final day we went across the bridge and north. We hit Shine Tidelands, Fort Flagler and Mystery Bay State Parks. Of these The first and last are small day use parks but great assets. Flagler was the real gem. We've been out of Fort Worden before, and Fort Ebey. Flagler might just take the prize for range of adventure. It looked like great camping, great beach, great hiking, interesting vistas, and costal batteries with GUNS!

The boys were tired and interested more in the GameBoy Pokemon we let them play when the car is moving. That or fishing for anything that wasn't seaweed, dead or alive.

Over all it was a good trip, good relaxation, good times.

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