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<=140 Characters in August

Good friends, them that know you, better than you know yourself, what better gift can a man have, reminders of selves forgotten.

Back in the land, back in the swing, relaxed and reset.

Fan spins, air moves, cooler now than yesterday, I am still relaxed.

Tonight’s thunderstorm has passed, in one set of moments this evening, many small problems faded away, resolved. What may tomorrow bring?

Magnificent frigate birds ride upon the updraft of winds coming into the bay, out there the surfers make their way, out and in and out again

Here I am, living some small adventure, out of gas in Mexico, ride, in ‘police car’ and Cuba Libre made with Cuban Rum. View of bay before.

The compost heap grows, as the garden produces its bounty and I thin. The lawn waste grows, not from grass clipping, but from hedge too old.

Easily I wake, Opening my eyes, To this new day, Just like so many others, Still, a treasure all its own, What shall I do with it?

To think deep thoughts, not generally a task, for one in this place, along the timeline of life, still, the thoughts are thunk, and will…

So much happens in a life, So many moments, All passing so quickly, Looking forward and back, Becomes so expensive, Related to today.

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