philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

140 Characthers or less in September

I wasn't very active online in September.

Hmm, shall I read the news today? I think so. Let us see if my stress can reach the level of some of those around me. I think not.

I couldn’t buy a ‘make you drowsy’ drug if I tried. This is Vegas. Everything on the shelf was non-drowsy. So that’s how this cold will go.

I’m in Las Vegas for VMWorld. I find that I ‘really’ don’t like what I see around me outside the conference. No more for me. Room rest.

Here, at new desk, one foot high, I sit on cushions, and contemplate the gift, and this place, this room, and my breath.

more to come, when i take time away, from living life, and allow a little time, for recording impressions, sharing the view from my mind.

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