philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Apple Mac Convert

I have become a Apple Mac convert.

Those who have know me for a long while will know that I once detested the Macintosh and what I thought it represented. Computers were things to be discovered and dissected. I built, explored, crashed and recovered my MS/DOS computers and my early Microsoft Windows computers too. I had run Windows 3.0 on an 8086 laptop I had gotten with a military discount from Zenith.
Sure I took a detour through the early linux craze but I wasn’t really a convert. I appreciated what ‘open source’ meant and, at the time, the ‘free beer’ aspect was important too. In the end, I still live and work in the shadow of Microsoft. We Seattle-ites believe in buying local. So, what if Linux Magazine was published here in Ballard?

But something happened to me and to Microsoft along the way. Microsoft got lost. It created Bob, Windows ME, and Windows ME V2 (er, Windows Vista). It marketed to executives and developers and ignored the sysadmin community as it entered the data center. It built server products that couldn’t be easily managed professionally but that a wizard jockey could easily screw-up. On the desktop front it tried to emulate or compete against the MacOs. It didn’t do that well. It alienated its customers.

I had changed as well. I wanted a tool rather than a toy. Today I find that Apple products, generally, just work. That is what I want my tools to do. My macbook runs the software I need, it works with the products I connect to it. It does both of these things well too. My iPhone, the most recent addition to my Apple kit, is a great phone and a great hand help computer too. My iPod, the gateway drug for me and millions others, is a great music player. It is also a great running tool along with a Nike+.

So, my iPod mini became an iPod nano, became a MacBook, became a Airport Express, became a Time Capsule, became an iPhone. They all work together. All the software I have placed upon them to use works as expected and works together too.

Good job Apple. I have peeves about your behavior too. I’ll save those for another day.

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