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Useless Drivel

Useless Drivel, capitalized, is where this all started out. At its heart, it is one of those blogger affectations. I began my relationship with useless drivel when I gave birth to ‘a philosopher serf’. I was inspired by a quote from Bertrand Russel, “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.”

How better, I thought, to please myself and others, than to spew my own brand of useless drivel into the world. I value play and I know not which pieces of apparently useless information, once gestated behind the eyes of a thinker, might, by force or serendipity, lead to a new idea. So, not being the Philosopher King, I dubbed my self a philosopher serf and entered into the blogging fray. There I remain today.

I shall continue to spew my own brand of ‘useless drivel’ proudly. No editor need label it such, for I have taken control of the words. I have blown there meaning apart and embraced their meaning all the same. I have placed them in the spin zone and broken them. They are mine, these words, assembled here, in this way. Useless Drivel is the proud label I lay upon all that escapes into this place.