philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

October's 140 Characters or Less

Today is the day that the leaves begin to fall like snow, covering the ground in a carpet of color, some green below, gray wet sky above.

Think of someone you admire. How would you carry yourself if you were that person. Imagine you were their equal. You are you know. Walk now.

Citizen of this small town along the water, nestled in between a highway and the sound, I make my report, to a council enmeshed in budgets.

Too long silent, I remain silent, even as I say these words, for what meaning do they carry, these words, these syllables, devoid, empty.

I think, that some people, think, they have earned the right, to waste my time, simply because, they once, made something, that wasn’t waste.

Carafe, heavy with hot liquid, heavy this morning, as I lift it out from its home, and cause it to hover above the white cup.

These few words, in this small space, a vast chasm, between what could be said, and what is being said, how shall we value these?

Can I find a quiet time, here behind my eyes, in the bustle of the everyday, I can miss the thisday, losing today into tomorrow.

Shiny new thing in my hand, a tool, a toy, a connection, replacing a few other tools and toys, confluence ahead.

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