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What makes a place to live attractive to me today, or what do I love about here.

⁃ Salt water, the kind an ocean delivers, with rivers running down into it, with tides and currents.

⁃ Mountains, visible everywhere, in all directions, forested with trails to hike along, enough room to get lost, for days at a time.

⁃ Urban life at street level, a hustle and a bustle, the ebb and flow, the ever changing nature of neighborhoods, new shops opening, old favorites gone.

⁃ The arts, entertainments and professional sports, a great diversity of diversions.

⁃ The temperament of the place, youthful vitality, plenty of opportunities for active living, sociability and congeniality, risk-taking and life-living.

⁃ Mixtures, of age and social class, of generations interacting, learning and teaching, homeless and affluent, driven type-a and relaxed hippie.

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