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P40D = Project Forty Days

This is my new habit development system. I'll see how it works. Here is the plan.

Select a new habit I wish to develop. Commit to doing the activities that habit requires for forty days. Track my progress and record my experience here. At the end of a successful forty days grant myself a reward.


P40D.I.01 <== Project Forty Days, First Iteration, Day 00

Daily Running Habit <== Project Title

The what: ==>
I will run every day for forty days. The distance is not important, the pace is not important, whether I feel like it or not is not important. Like Nike says, "Just Do It".

The why: ==>
This is a habit worth having and my current strategy leads to gaps as long as a business week. Running is a great exercise that I enjoy. As a regular habit it will contribute to my health and fitness goals. It will contribute to my daily energy cycle. Along with other good habits it will moderate my family tendency toward high blood lipid numbers.

Vibram Five Finger <== The reward

starting 2009-06-13
ending 2009-07-22