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Distance: 5.3 + 0.37 km
Pace: 6'14" + 5′24″ /km
Training Effect: Improving
Duration: 38′
Max Heart Rate: 166 bpm
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Ascent: 86 m

I am saying goodbye to the daily run now. Two reasons really. I've taken a few days off over the holiday and I've started a training plan toward running a half marathon at the Seattle Marathon this fall. The new plan has me running to target distances with occasional instructions to take a hilly route or to run intervals or make a tempo run. You'll see how I'm doing here.

Today's run came after too many days off. Legs felt like rubber. I picked a route that was mostly up hill, definitely hilly. I finished my distance when I was still quite a way from my starting point. Thus I added a short semi-sprint at hte end. It felt like a sprint but the pace shows me I was well worn by then.

All in all, it felt good to be running again.

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