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A fellow LJer had a post about some of the current recruiting brouhaha. He finished with a bit of the personal from his recruitment in an earlier day. Here is my quick splif.

My parents and I signed the papers when I was 17. They were getting divorced and I was determined to find a way to pay for a university education. The army was a good road for me but I knew others for whom it wasn't. AND I was lucky enough to miss the shooting. I had units I had just left, units I got to afterward, units with orders to go rescinded. Shooting at people and doing the other things a soldier has to do in conflict exploded around me like shrapnel from an off target howitzer shell.

Nope. There are kids going off to Iraq today. They are fighting the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reasons based upon the lies and 'stretched' truths of leaders who campaigned with a different story. Folks can say after the fact we have to, of it was a good thing to do even if the reasons were wrong. Doesn't do a thing to knock down the risk to life or limb for those kids.


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Jun. 16th, 2005 02:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I missed all the hulabaloo myself. I joined expecting to fight in the Fulda Gap, and got out right before both my old units got deployed for Gulf War I.

I have never liked the military's recruiting drive that promotes getting life skills or getting money for college. It hides the real purpose of the military, which is to break things and kill people so that the US doesn't have the same happen to us. The military isn't for everyone, but it is a noble pursuit and one that is very much needed (even if we had never gone into Iraq). People who choose to serve should be applauded as opposed to razzed, but hey, it's a free country and they are serving so that people have the right to razz them.
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