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Don't Read. It's a Rant!

public void Rant {
Every organization of sufficient size has employees of varying value to the organization.

We'd all accept, I think, that there are high value employees who produce far above the norm. There are never a lot of them but they make a difference to the bottom line, either directly or indirectly.

Then there are the great majority, the average producers. They do their job, sometimes pull some over time, sometimes slack a little. Most of those we have ever worked with fit here.

Then too, every organization has the marginal employee. You might not know why they are still at work. Still, from time to time the produce something useful or play a key role in the larger endeavor.

Lately I have had to work with a few negative value employees. Nothing they touch ever survives, succeeds, completes, makes a dollar, or comes in even close to budget. I think some organizations are negative value employee collectors. Run, run fast, run far, from one if you see it.

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