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I so very rarely have dreams I can recall on the morning of having had them much less the next morning.

Yesterday I awoke to the embarasement of having been discovered emptying my bowels in an inappropriate place. I had looked for the appropriate place. The world I was in was so alien nothing was recognizable directly for this purpose. Nothing was obviously suited to any human purpose. Everything echoed the known, seemed reasonably suited to some purpose I could imagine but nothing was clearly for this or that human purpose. So, needing to evacuate and not finding the clearly correct place to do so, I was letting my rabbit pellets drop where it seemed reasonable to do so. The feeling of finally letting the pellets go was wonderful. I was wrong. But my newly arrived companions?, keepers?, observers?, fellow struggling captives? made it subtly clear that I was wrong about the use of the place I was and quietly cleaned up after me as I disappeared from the scene altogether and became an observer myself.