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Mundane Human Activity Report

Woke late. I discovered myself trying to hold onto the nether world between sleep and wakefulness in the hopes of again experiencing the joy of recalling a dream. All such 'effort' resulted in failure and the absolute disruption of a morning routine I find creative and rewarding.

Key events of the workday:

At work, produce a report on Internet identity that contains information senior management can use to make key decisions. Who knows if the data will get to them through the layers of those who will not see the value of the data.

Three party phone conference to express key concepts of multi-tiered Internet security for portals intended to expose valuable data in safe ways. Express again my openness to direct contact by anyone needing clarification so that we can bring the final product in house a few years from now. Express for the division that again hasn't made it to the conversation, what kinds of documents or descriptions can easily be produced to remove the scales and clear away resistance.

The rest of the day:

Head with Jack and John for my Thursday 9 holes of golf where double-boogie was my average after an opening hole birdie.

Respond to the 'disasters' with disaster recovery testing. Please note, it is much easier to recovery from a disaster sometimes than it is to test readiness to recover from that disaster.

A great foo foo bath with the calming, relaxing benefit of Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Foglie di Basilico. Yes, I bet I smell yummy enough to eat for you who like the foods of Italia.

Dinner is a large ripe peach divided into mouthful chunks with a hunk of double cream Gouda cheese some 70% cacao chocolate and port wine.

Now I'm going to watch DVD 2, 3 and 4 of B5 season 2 just in from NetFlix. Then I'll hit the sack with iTunes playing into my 88% burned to the USB drive music collection.

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