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After my native language, English, I learned Spanish first, then came a few small short phrases of Arabic while my first Puget Sound winter rained upon me, then I walked full bore into Italian handicapped by the insistence of my Italian friends had that they practice their English, toss in a few words and phrases of German here too, some wee bit of French, then came the Serbo-Croat class I had to cancel since I was carrying too full a load, then came the chance to go 'really' learn a language in the immersion school at Monteray, CA which went south on me when my score on the language aptitude test set me high enough to 'go learn the language on the ground' in a language required assignment. Since those days a word here, a phrase there is all I have managed in this blue collar born, white collar raised transcendent life of mine. In truth, I know none of all these being a taster rather than an eater.

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