philoserf (philoserf) wrote,

Are You Busy

I used to be a whirl of activity. Everyone knew I was busy. They could see things getting done and they could see me in my cloud of chaotic effort.

Since those days I have adopted a couple of Time/Life management methods. For me it is a little of Franklin Covey's "What Matters Most a.k.a. Focus" and David Allen's "Getting Things Done".

The result is that I get much more done but am MUCH less visibly busy. Except when I slip and visit those chaotic cloud days, I am a picture of relative calm in my work day. Thankfully the pointy-haired bosses live where I can't see them.

I am reminded of this by the twenty minutes each of us in a meeting got back due to efficiency. A meeting scheduled for 30 minutes takes 10 and the organization gets 80 minutes of people's productive time back to keep the bottom line moving forward.

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